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1. I print my templates on cardstock. (I have shown this on a piece of cardboard only so you can distinguish between the template & the background) You will want to use a pair of paper scissors & cut exactly in the center of the line as much as possible.
*Please note the registration marks that show the center of the pieces. These are important to mark!
I use a 1/16th paper punch or a used sewing machine needle works well. They make very good holes, something you can lightly get you pencil lead through.
The large piece has concave shapes (innies) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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2. You will want to pay attention to straight of grain!
I use a sandboard that I made. I simply placed a piece of fine grit sandpaper on a piece of acrylic & taped it down. The sand paper prevents the fabric from slipping as you trace the pattern.
Using a pencil (or your favorite marking tool) draw around the shape. You will want to keep your pencil as vertical as possible, try not to lean the pencil.
I usually will mark 2 of the pie shapes flat side to flat side, then cut them apart. They are called convex shapes (outties)
*Don't forget to mark your center registration!
I cut out shapes like this with scissors, I am not that good with a rotary cutter unless I have acrylic templates!.
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3. Placing the innie piece on top of the outtie, I pin 3 places. At the beginning, the middle , & the end. I use a seam ripper or a stiletto to carefully guide the edges together as I stitch. Stitch slowly, being careful to maintain that 1/4" seam allowance & don't stretch the fabric, this is bias! You will also need to make sure you don't have any fabric bunched underneath.
Use more pins if you need to but I find pins tend to distort the fabric for me & I tend to get pleats underneath.
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4. You are aiming for a smooth rounded shape on the 4 corners. You also want them to come out equally on each edge, something like shown.
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***** PLEASE NOTE: There is a tute on how I do circles down on TIPS TO SHARE Thread, titled "In Pursuit of the Perfect Circle"! Even if you do not have punches to make your circles, you can use any round circle & gather your fabric around it or cut your own circles from card stock, etc.*****

5. I use a piece of fabric large enough to do 2 of the corners. I find the larger size is easier for me to handle. I mark the center registration so it is easier to match to the piece I just finished. I also draw a line corner to corner to "half" the piece.
I use an old seam ripper & make a hole, then use paper scissors to cut out the design from the cardstock. It makes it a little easier to somewhat match up this pattern, though mine rarely matches 100%. (These are busy quilts, no one will ever notice if they are just a tad off. And if they do, they are looking too close!)
You will note that I have increased the size of the small center. I chose to take creative license to do that for ease of construction!
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6. This is how I line my pattern up. I slip (for example) the leaf that I have drawn around under the side of the cardboard. I use the seam ripper to slide it in place & then I pin in place. I usually will make a few basting stitches to secure it in place after removing the template.
TIP:If you use pins, pin under the bottom to keep your applique thread from snagging the pins!
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7. Attach to the center section you completed earlier, matching the registration marks to center the edge pieces.. You will note that my 2 pieces are oversized. I will leave these until I finish the other 2 sides, then press, & trim.
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8. "Posies Around the Square" is complete.

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