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Star of the Orient

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Star of the Orient

When I begin to cut out my pieces for the paper piecing, I am mindful that PP takes up little bit of fabric, much like the phrase of "use a SCANT 1/4" seam" we hear so much about. I usually look carefully at my pattern & find out the outside pieces & lightly mark them (usually with a wavey line or even a couple of X's) in some manner & I leave a little extra on those outer edges. I would rather waste a number of threads than lack one thread having enough?

I would also strongly suggest that you lightly mark your paper pieces with a symbol or letter to designate background or color before you begin to piece, saves lots of aggravation later on(ask me how I know this?)
Since my background is white (actually "natural") I usually mark mine with B for background or W for white & C for color , if I feel the need to mark both pieces. (Sometimes I am so aggravated, I feel the need to DARKLY write the whole word. Smile)

Both A & B patterns in 'Star of the Orient' have numerical numbers of 1 & 2 on them. 1 is the first piece you position & 2 is the second piece you sew. PIECE ONE is WHITE (W)or BACKGROUND (B) on both patterns on 'Star of the Orient'. Piece 2 is color(C) Please, it makes for a happier time if you mark them NOW.(You should have figured out why I am stressing this by now! Sad )

This is a wonderful paper piecing project & even I found it easy to do! There are 2 or 3 little ole easy steps to do to make it even better that I have jotted down for you here.
I don't think you will need them but if you do, here they are to refresh your memory:
I did not start mine with the pattern piece they show in the book. We all know that I was a backward child to begin with & I found their way to be equally here is my way. Look at mine, look at theirs... & then choose the easiest way for YOU!

I began with Pattern Piece B, rather than A as they show.
I sewed my partial seam as shown. I removed the paper back to the point I began to show you even better since I tend to take lousy px...this was AFTER I stitched it!
(See where I have left a tad extra fabric on the outer edge of the white? The PP pattern is exact, I only leave a little bit on the out side edges of fabric only, not the part that is stitched together!)


Same seam, opposite side. You will need to leave a little over a quarter inch UN-stitched!

Go all the way around alternating pieces as shown in the book. When you get back around to the first partial seam you sewed, fold it back & pin it out of your way. Piece the last seam , as shown. Turn it up & finish stitching the partial seam.
(You can see my markings as to C for color & W for white. Too bad I did not do that to begin with? Sad )

Remove paper, press, trim to fit 6 1/2 inches & here you go...a perfect 'Star of the Orient'!

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