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Star of the Orient

When I begin to cut out my pieces for the paper piecing, I am mindful that PP takes up little bit of fabric, much like the phrase of "use a SCANT 1/4" seam" we hear so much about. I usually look carefully at my pattern & find out the outside pieces & lightly mark them (usually with a wavey line or even a couple of X's) in some manner & I leave a little extra on those outer edges. I would rather waste a number of threads than lack one thread having enough?

I would also strongly suggest that you lightly mark your paper pieces with a symbol or letter to designate background or color before you begin to piece, saves lots of aggravation later on(ask me how I know this?)
Since my background is white (actually "natural") I usually mark mine with B for background or W for white & C for color , if I feel the need to mark both pieces. (Sometimes I am so aggravated, I feel the need to DARKLY write the whole word. Smile)

Both A & B patterns in 'Star of the Orient' have numerical numbers of 1 & 2 on them. 1 is the first piece you position & 2 is the second piece you sew. PIECE ONE is WHITE (W)or BACKGROUND (B) on both patterns on 'Star of the Orient'. Piece 2 is color(C) Please, it makes for a happier time if you mark them NOW.(You should have figured out why I am stressing this by now! Sad )

This is a wonderful paper piecing project & even I found it easy to do! There are 2 or 3 little ole easy steps to do to make it even better that I have jotted down for you here.
I don't think you will need them but if you do, here they are to refresh your memory:
I did not start mine with the pattern piece they show in the book. We all know that I was a backward child to begin with & I found their way to be equally here is my way. Look at mine, look at theirs... & then choose the easiest way for YOU!

I began with Pattern Piece B, rather than A as they show.
I sewed my partial seam as shown. I removed the paper back to the point I began to show you even better since I tend to take lousy px...this was AFTER I stitched it!
(See where I have left a tad extra fabric on the outer edge of the white? The PP pattern is exact, I only leave a little bit on the out side edges of fabric only, not the part that is stitched together!)

Star of the Orient 2427509540095817111S425x425Q85

Same seam, opposite side. You will need to leave a little over a quarter inch UN-stitched!
Star of the Orient 2897506220095817111S425x425Q85

Go all the way around alternating pieces as shown in the book. When you get back around to the first partial seam you sewed, fold it back & pin it out of your way. Piece the last seam , as shown. Turn it up & finish stitching the partial seam.
(You can see my markings as to C for color & W for white. Too bad I did not do that to begin with? Sad )
Star of the Orient 2459118380095817111S425x425Q85
Remove paper, press, trim to fit 6 1/2 inches & here you go...a perfect 'Star of the Orient'!
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