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The first thing you need to do is set up a Webshots account , then set up an album. Webshots is like anything else, you will have a password, REMEMBER IT! Webshots is a free photo storage area.
This is my album pictured below. :Load the pictures up to your album according to the directions they give you. It is a very simple operation, trust me on that!
You will need to OPEN your album...click the px & it opens!

Scroll down just a little & look on the RIGHT side of your screen, you will see this box. CLICK your cursor (that is your mouse, not something that uses profanity! Smile ) where I have indicated on Slide Show.

Clicking the above box will open this box on your screen. Look at the right hand side, there are 2 URL boxes there. You will need to select the 2nd one..RIGHT CLICK & COPY. (You are copying the link & that is what makes this work!)

Go down to the Sylvia thread & we all know how to start a new Topic here.

You will want to do these steps exactly as I show you, and in this order!
1.In the box, TITLE OF THE TOPIC, name your topic
2.For a Slideshow : it is a different link than for pictures! See the one that looks like a chain link? (It is to the right of the green box that you use to post pictures) Click it to open.
There will be 2 boxes there. Hover your mouse over the boxes without touching the screen & one says URL (top one)& one says TAG.(Bottom one)
RIGHT CLICK and PASTE on the top one the URL you saved on the shell (your mouse) from Webshots.(# 3 above)
LABEL the bottom one that says TAG. (I labeled mine ROW A) This will show up as a clickable link on your page when you finish.
When done, click OK. (you MUST do this in order for it to remember all these directions you have given "it"!)
3. Don't forget to select SEND at the very bottom of the page. This is the finish button!! You have linked a sideshow from your Webshots to FFQ! You get a Gold Star! Good for you!
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