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Post  Lady of TeXas on Wed May 19, 2010 6:48 am

STAMP BASKETS...using Southern Engineering! Smile

1. You will need to assemble such supplies as below. I have tried to use common household things that you will have. A number of us have the template circles that we applique with but many might not.
Along with what is plainly identifiable below, you will need some freezer paper & also some card stock for template making. If you don't have any card stock, a cereal box or any thing of that stiffness will do.
Any glue will work as long as it is WATER SOLUBLE! I don't use any glue as a rule but if you can't needle turn, it will get you out of a bind in this case.
A sandboard is also a nice tool to have.
Stamp Basket Tute 2665302390095817111S425x425Q85
2, Make a template from card stock: Cut a square measuring 2 7/8", cut once on the diagonal.(Don't round this up, it needs to be exact.) You will only use one.
You will need to find the exact center of your template. Be as exact finding the center as you can be. Mark it!
Stamp Basket Tute 2478330470095817111S425x425Q85
3.With a large spool of thread (or anything that makes a circle) , mark around the thread on the template. You will see that I have placed my spool of machine sewing thread off the edge of the template & have a little more than half the spool on the paper. We are attempting to make a template for a basket handle.
Stamp Basket Tute 2732108930095817111S425x425Q85
4. With a quarter, choose a distance from the spool mark that would be a pleasing width for a basket handle. Make time to line it up visually, you will want your handle to be even all the way around.....& then mark it.
Stamp Basket Tute 2809663410095817111S425x425Q85
5. This will be your pattern for the handle itself. Don't be concerned that the lower edge of the handle turns in, following the curve. When the 1/4" seam goes across, it hides that part.
If you can needle turn, I suggest you cut out the pattern(if it appeals to you! Smile ) & then use regular needle turn. Some of our Ladies do not do needle turn & the rest of the TUTE would be for you.
Stamp Basket Tute 2997829570095817111S425x425Q85
6.Cut out the basket handle you just marked. Use caution & cut carefully making your cut as smooth as possible. Use the template you just made & trace it on a piece of freezer paper, cut out & iron to the back side of a piece of your basket fabric.
You will cut out your fabric , leaving a small seam allowance. CLIP heavy all the way around these seam allowances , taking care to NOT clip all the way to the template.
Use the glue stick & glue all the way around the fabric & the template. Take your seam ripper (or your finger) & turn the fabric over the edge of the freezer paper pattern. You will need to do tiny amounts of this at a time & keep it smooth all the way around.
You will have something similar to the bottom picture. Let the glue dry.
Stamp Basket Tute 2359429780095817111S425x425Q85
7.The background fabric is cut out at 2 7/8" as instructed from the book & then cut on the diagonal once.
Using the template you cut the basket handle from, place it on top of your background fabric & lay your finished handle into the cut area, matching it exact as possible.
It is a little like a jigsaw puzzle in that you return your missing piece, covered in fabric this time.
Remove the outer template & carefully stitch around your basket handle,stitching both outer & inner edge, using a blind (applique) stitch & thread to match.
Stamp Basket Tute 2172401700095817111S425x425Q85
8.You will need to remove the freezer paper! From the back side, using very sharp, short bladed scissors, carefully cut a line between the applique stitching you used to attach the handle. You will want to use great care to keep the points of the scissors between the paper & the back fabric & NOT make a hole to the front.
Once the line is cut all the way around, wet this (very wet) & then leave it alone for abt 5 to 10 minutes. (This loosens the glue's hold on the fabric.) Using a seam ripper, carefully peel back the cut edges & CAREFULLY remove the piece of freezer paper. (You don't want to distort your fabric so carefully do this!) Once the freezer paper is removed, I run water over my piece of fabric to remove all the glue.(Did I mention I am NOT a fan of glue!) This one is still wet but beginning to dry. Can you see the slender little line where I cut the background fabric to remove the freezer paper? The freezer paper is still tossed down on my board.
Allow to dry & assemble the basket per instructions in book.
Stamp Basket Tute 2606291640095817111S425x425Q85
9.Your basket is now finished. Press that little baby & check your measurements. It should measure a perfect size of 3 1/2 " You even have a quarter inch seam allowance. I would do a "Happy Dance" If I knew how. clown
Stamp Basket Tute 2080533910095817111S425x425Q85
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